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Monthly Book Roundup: May 2020

Posted by The Carbonated Scholar

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May 2020 was a month with little going in its favor. The shelter-in-place order, however, did give me an unprecedented amount of time to read (or rather listen). While compiling this roundup, I was shocked to see how many books I had read in May (14!) and impressed at how beautiful the covers are for these books. It makes me think I  might have chosen the books just for their covers, which is actually quite on brand for me.

Reading has really helped me get through this global crisis and most of these books (save two) were absolutely delightful. I listened to the audiobook for all of them except The Witch Boy (a graphic novel) and The Day You Begin (a picture book), which I read as an e-book. I checked all of them out from the library using the Libby app, except This is Chance!, which I bought with an Audible credit, because I needed to read it on a deadline for book club.

The books with a ✨beside them are books I’ve reviewed. You can find those reviews by pressing on the ✨.

Let me know in the comments below or social media what books you’re reading and your favorite books from this year!


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