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10 Best Places to Read Books During Quarantine, as Told By Depression Commercial Stick Figures

stick figure on couch
Posted by The Carbonated Scholar

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been reading up a storm during the quarantine. So I thought I would share my favorite places for quarantine reading! [I hope you enjoy my immense artistic talents on display. My sister says my tableaux look like a depression commercial, but that’s on brand.]

1. The Couch

Is there anything better than curling up with a good book, a crisp seltzer, and a cozy blanket on the couch?

stick figure on couch

2. The Other Couch

Even your favorite couch gets old. Mix it up and switch to the other couch (you know, the couch you found in the back alley, and you should get rid of it, but it’s an antique and it’s not too uncomfortable).

chaise lounge with stick figure reading

3. The Armchair

Seems cozy until your legs go numb. Try hanging upside down from the chair. 10/10 would recommend

Stick figure reading in an armchair

4. The Kitchen

Reading in the kitchen is the best. Snacks are just an arm length away. You can grab an ice-cold seltzer from the fridge. I definitely recommend a book while mindlessly stirring your risotto. 

stick figure reading in kitchen

5. The Toilet

Hide from the world in the bathroom with a good book. Reading on the toilet is A+. Don’t stay too long though; your bootyhole will thank you.

Stick figure reading on toilet

6. The Bed

Reading in bed is not only for bedtime. Crawl in, snuggle up, and try not to fall asleep.

Stick figure reading book on bed

7. The Backyard

Vitamin-D! Yes, please. If you are lucky enough to have a backyard during quarantine, soak up the sun with your favorite novel. Don’t forget the sunscreen! 

stick figure reading outside

8. The Dining Room Table

Take yourself on a date. Set the table, plate your favorite meal, pour out a seltzer, and pick up a new book. You can pretend you are checking out the hottest new restaurant in town.

stick figure reading in dining room

9. The Hallway Floor

When you get bored of your go-to reading spots, try out the hallway floor. Stick your legs up on the wall in Viparita Karani pose (or as I like to call it legs-on-the-wall pose); your hamstrings and lower back will thank you. [FYI legs-on-the-wall pose is my favorite yoga pose and my only yoga pose.]

stick figure reading in hallway

10. The Closet

When the world gets heavy, revert to the womb of your house — your closet. Take some deep breaths, grab a comforting book, and hide from the world among your clothes.

Stick figure reading book in closet


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